• Layne Bowler
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Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal ring section multistage centrifugal pumps with closed impellers and diffusers.

9 models from DN 32 to DN 200. Suction nozzle flanges are according to DIN 2533 / PN 16 and discharge nozzle flanges are according to DIN 2535 / PN 40 (DIN 2546 / PN 64). In standard production suction flange is placed on the right side and close to the coupling and discharge flange is at the other end and at top.

Suction and discharge nozzle can be turned in multiples of 90°. Axial thrust is balanced by back wear rings / balancing holes system. Pump impellers are statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 class 6.3.

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