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While preparing your inquiry, please make sure that you are giving us the below given data;

Water Characteristics

Use (potable, industrial etc.)*
Sand content in water (g/m3)*
Temperature of water (°C)*
pH value

Well Data (Suplied by driller)

Drilling year
Well capacity (l/s)
Elevation of well (m)
Depth of well, D (m)
Casing diameter of well, dw (inch)
Static water level in well, Hs (m)
Dynamic water level, Hd (m)

Pump Data

Required capacity, Q (l/s)*
Required total manometric head, Hm (m)*

In Case Hm is not known

Height of water in reservoir from the datum, H (m)
Length of pipe from well head to reservoir, L (m)
Diameter of pipe (inch)
Material and pressure class of pipe
Number of valves and bends along the piping

Driver Types

Vertical hollow shaft (VHS) or vertical solid shaft (VSS, V1) electrical motor
Transformer Power (kVA)
Diesel or gasoline engine (speed and power at optimum duty)
Belt and pulley system

* Are the minimum required data to give you an optimum offer.